African Languages

  1. Maa(Maasai)-English Dictionary
  2. A Beginner s Guide to Oshikwanyama
  3. Bukusu Dictionary
  4. Vocabularies of the Kamba and Kikuyu languages of East Africa
  5. A Grammar of the Dogon of Benin
  6. Yoruba-English Dictionary
  7. A Grammar of Dime Language
  8. Ngamo_english_hausa_Dictionary
  9. Walo Dictionary
  10. A Grammar of the Mandingo Language with Vocabularies
  11. A Phonology and Morphology of Ejagham
  12. Ngizim_english_hausa Dictionary
  13. Bole_english_hausa Dictionary
  14. A Tonal Grammar of Etsako
  15. A Grammar of the Hausa Language
  16. A Reference Grammar Of Adamawa Fulani
  17. A Short Kikuyu Grammar
  18. kongo dictionary
  19. Ay Baati Wolof – A Wolof Dictionary
  20. Dictionary of the Tebele & Shuna languages
  21. Grammar and Dictionary of Yoruba
  22. Swahili English Dictionary
  23. Ethiopic Grammar
  24. A dictionary of the Asante and Fante language called Tshi (Chwee, Twi)
  25. A Zulu-English dictionary
  26. Comparative.Dictionary.of.Geez
  27. Sandawe_Grammar
  28. Igbo Dictionary 
  29. A Grammar of the Dogon of Tabi-Sarinyere 
  30. Beja Dictionary 
  31. chinyanja dictionary 
  32. Kinyarwanda-Dictionary 
  33. Nafaanra dictionary 
  34. Nembe English dictionary 
  35. Somali-English and English-Somali dictionary 
  36. Najamba_Grammar 
  37. Egyptian Hieroglyphic Dictionary Vol. 1 
  38. Egyptian Hieroglyphic Dictionary Vol. 2 
  39. Dictionary of Languages 

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