Alkebulan (Afrikan) History

Not all  of the African History related books currently in the library are on this list.This list will be constantly updated.
1.Dr. Yossef Ben Jochannan- Cultural Genocide

2.Cheik Anta Dip-Cultural Unity of Black Africa
3.Cheik Anta Diop-Precolonial Black Africa
4.Cheik Anta Diop-The African Origin of Civilization
5.Ivan Van Sertima-They Came Before Columbus
6.Ivan Van Sertima-Early America Revisted
7.G.M Jackson-Stolen Legacy
8.George Wells Parker-Children of the Sun
9.John Henrik Clarke-Christopher Columbus and the African Holocoust
10.Cheik Anta Diop-Civilization or Barbarism
11.Chanceller Williams-The Destruction of Black Civilizations
12.Benjamin Bannaker- Almanac
13.John G. Jackson-The Ethiopian Origins of Civilization
14.Dr. Martin R. Delany-The-Condition-Elevation-Emigration-and-Destiny-of-the-Colored-People-of-the-United-States
15.Dr. Martin R. Delany-Official-Report-of-the-Niger-Valley-Exploring
16.Cheik Anta Diop-The Orgin of the Egyptians
17.J.A. Rogers-Worlds Great Men of Color Vol. 1
18.J.A.Rogers-Worlds Great Men of Color Vol.2
19.C.F. Volney-The Ruins
20.Malcom X-Autobiography
21.Acient Egyptian Asronomy
23.Ivan Van Sertima-Golden Age of the Moors
25.-Septimius-Severus-The-African-Emperor of Rome
27.Johm G. Jackson-African-Origin-of-the-Myths-Legend-of-the-Garden-of-Eden
28.Melanin Papers
31.African Origins of World Religions-Yossef Ben Jochannan
32.A T Bryant – Bantu Origins – People & Language
33.Assata- An Autobiography
34.Alice Werner – Myths & Legends of the Bantu
35.Alexander Hislop – The Two Babylons
36.Black People & Their Place in History bonus material,Black US Presidents,Black Inventors list & Black Wall Street
37.Philosophy and Opinions of Marcus Garvey
38.Dr. John L. Johnson – 500 Questions & Answers on Black Presence in The Bible
39.Eric Willams-Capitalism Slavery
67.Ausarian ressurection-Muata Ashby
68.Goddess-Muata Ashby
69.Mysteries of Isis-Muata Ashby
70.Up-from-the-Projects-by-Walter-E Willams
71.Liberty-Versus-the-Tyranny-of-Socialism-Walter E. Williams
72.Education-for-a-New-Reality-John Henrik Clarke\
73.African World History Project-Preliminary-Challenge
74.Cheik Anta Diop-The African Origin of Civilization Myth or Reality
75. J_A_ Rogers – The Real Facts About Ethiopia
76.J_A_ Rogers – Your History _from Beginning to the Present
77.J_A_ Rogers – The Ku Klux Spirit
78.J A Rogers-From superman to man
79.J A Rogers-5 negro presidents
80.A Long Walk to Freedom-Nelson Mandela
82.J A Rogers – Nature Knows No Color-Line
84.What-is-Black-Oppression-in-Amerikkka-John Henrik Clarke
85.Black-Man-s-History-Malcom X
86.The-Iceman-Inheritance-by-Michael Bradley
87.An-Overview-of-Black-History-by-.John Henrik Clarke
88.Africans-at-the-Crossroads-John Henrik Clarke
89.Education-for-a-New-Reality-John Henrik Clarke
90.Rudolph R. Windsor -Judea Trembles Under Rome
91.Rudolph R. Windsor -The Valley of Dry Bones
92.Rudolph R. Windsor -When Is The Next War
93. Robert Livesey & A.G. Smith – Discovering Canada’s Black Heritage
94.Gerald Massey – The Natural Genesis -Vol 1
95.Gerald Massey – The Natural Genesis Vol 2
96.The Vanguard- A Photographic Essay on the Black Panthers
97.Ancient Egyptian Roots of library and inormation science
98.John G_Jjackson-Pagan origins of the christianity
99. Official Report of the Niger Valley Exploring-Martin Robinson Delany
100.The Condition, Elevation, Emigration, and Destinyof the Colored People of the United States-Martin R. Delany
101. Blacks in science ancient and modern-Ivan Van Sertima
102. Black women in antiquity-Ivan Van Sertima
103. African Presence in Early Europe-Dr_ Ivan Van Sertima
104. African Mother of Western Civilization- Dr. Yosef Ben Jochannan
105.Great Black Leaders Ancient and Modern – Dr. Ivan Van Sertima
106. African Mythology A-Z
107.Black experience in America
108.African History and Culture volumes 1-5
109.Encyclopedia of African American History vol. 1-6
110. The Veiled Garvey the life and times of Amy Garvey
111.Marcus Garvey Biograpy
112.The Assassination of Fred Hampton
114. The Akan
115.The Way of the Orisa
116. Axioms-Kwame Nkrumah
117.Die Nigger Die by H-Rap-Brown
118. The Womanist Reader-Layli
119. Malcolm-X-Malcolm-X-Speaks-Selected-Speeches-and-Statements-Islam-ın-USA
127.War-Against-the-Black-Panthers-Huey P Newton
129.Medival Empires of West Africa
131.Blood in my eye- George L. Jackson
132.Autobiography of Malcolm X
133.Frantz Fanon-Black Skin White Mask
134.Frantz Fanon-The Wretched of the Earth
136.Yosef Ben Jochannan-Ta-merry and her religious persecutors from judaism-christianity-islam to marxian humanism or the origins of western civilization from israel-sumeria-greece
137.New Dimensions in African History-Yosef Ben Jochannan & John Henrik Clarke
138.Martin R. Delany – The origin of races and color
139.Martin R. Delany- The origin andobjects of Ancient Freemasonry -Its Introduction into the United States and legitimacy among colored men
140.Martin R. Delany-Blake or the Huts of America
141.Toward-the-African-Revolution- Frantz Fannon
142.Egypt Revisited – Ivan Van Sertima
143. Yosef ben-Jochannan-Black Man of the Nile and his Family

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