1. Encyclopedia of Race & Racism Volumes 1 -3
2.The Jim Crow Encyclopedia
3. Writing African American Literature by and about Women of Color Volumes 1 & 2
4. Icons of African American Protest
5. African American Biographies
6. Encyclopedia of Ancient Literarure
7. Historical Atlas of Islam
8. Blacks Medical Dictionary
9. An Encyclopedia of Creation Myths of the World
10. Atlas of Neuroanatomy and Neurophysiology Special Edition
11. Encyclopedia of Religious Rites
12.Dictionary of Gods and Goddesses
13. Dictionary of Languages
14.  Black_Political_Organizations_in_the_Post_Civil_Rights_Era
15. Egyptian Gods and Goddesses – The Routledge Dictionary
16. Encyclopedia of African American Writing
17. Encyclopedia of African-American History
18. Encyclopedia of African-American Politics
19. Encyclopedia of African Religion
20. Encyclopedia of American Race Riots Volumes 1 & 2
21. Encyclopedia of Black Studies
23. Encyclopedia Of Gangs
24. Encyclopedia Of Genocide And Crimes Against Humanity Vol 1 & 2
25. Encyclopedia of the Harlem Literary Renaissance
26. Encyclopedia of the Middle Passage
27. Encyclopedia of Twentieth-Century African History
28. Encyclopedia_of_Latin_America
29. Gale Encyclopedia of Alternative Medicine. Vol. 1 – 4
30. Handbook of Formulae and Constants
31. Handbook of Inca Mythology
32. The A to Z of African-American Television\
33. Historical Dictionary of the Republic of Cameroon
34. Swahili – English Dictionary


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