Kemetic Literature

1.Ra Nu Per Em Heru (misnamed Book of the Dead)

2.Legends of the Gods

3.The Literature of the Anciet Egyptians

4.Book of Gates

5.The Book of Am-Tuat

6.Egyptian Heaven and Hell

7.Osiris Vol.1

8.Osiris Vol. 2

9.Pyramid Texts

10.Book of Caverns

11Book of Earth.

12.Litany of Re

13.Litany of Re Illustrations

14.Egyptian Magic

15.Gods of the Egyptians Vol.1

16.Gods of the Egyptians Vol.2

17.Neferkaptah and the book of Thoth

18.The Instructions of Ptah-Hotep

19.Egyptian Birds

20.Decrees of Memphis Vol.1

21.Decrees of Memphis Vol.2

22.Decrees of Memphis Vol.3

23.Egyptian Sudan Vol.1

24.Egyptian Sudan Vol.2

25.Egyptian Hieroglyphs Vol.1

26.Egyptian Hieroglyphs Vol.2

27.Papyrus of Ani Vol.1

28.Papyrus of Ani Vol.2

29.Papyrus of Ani Vol.3

30.Rosetta Stone


32.Tell El Armrana Tablets

33.Egyptian Heaven Vol.1

34.Egyptian Heaven Vol.2

35.Tutankhamen- Amenism, Atenism and Egyptian Monotheism

36.Vision of Tehuti (Hermes)

37.Senet Game Book

38.Ausarian Legend

39Egyptian Rods

40.Per Em Heru Reinterpretations

41.African Religion Vol 4- Asarian Theology-Seba Muata Ashby

42. Egyptian Mysteries 3 -Priests and Priestess-Seba Muata Ashby

43.Temple Ritual-Seba Muata Ashby

44.Mysteries of Isis-Seba Muata Ashby

45.Muata Ashby-African Religon Vol_5 GODDES

46.Kemetic Tree of Life-Seba Muata Ashby


48. KUKUU-TUNTUM-The_Ancestral_Jurisdiction

49. H-Breasted-Ancient-Records-of-Egypt-1


51. H-Breasted-Ancient-Records-of-Egypt-3

52 .H-Breasted-Ancient-Records-of-Egypt-4

53. F-Petrie-Tombs-of-the-Courtiers-and-Oxyrhynkhos-London-1925

54. James H. Breasted – Development of Religion and Thought in Ancient Egypt



57. Flanders -Petrie-Abydos-I-1902









66. Egyptian-Mytology-a-to-Z


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