World History

1.Gerald Massey – The Natural Genesis Vol 1
2.Gerald Massey – The Natural Genesis Vol 2
3.Germany _ The Holly Roman Empire
4.Julius Evola – Hitler And The Secret Societies
5.Roth -The House of Nasi
6.The Aborigines of Western Austrailia
7.Michael A_ Cremo _ Richard L_ Thompson -Forbidden Archeaology
8.Gerald Massey – The Historical Jesus and Mythical Christ
9.Golden Age of The Moor – Ivan Van Sertima
10.Albert Churchward -The Origin and Evolution of Freemasonry Connected with the Origin and Evolution of the Human Race
11.Mayer Amschel ROTHSCHILD Descendants
12.Corti – The Rise of the House of Rothschild
13.-Ethiopia-and-the-Origin-of-Civilization-John G Jackson
14.Massey_Gerald – Ancient_Egypt_The_Light_of_the_World_Vol_1
15.Massey_Gerald – Ancient_Egypt_The_Light_of_the_World_Vol_2
17.Hall The Secret Destiny of America-manly p hall
18.James – The Black Jacobins Toussant L Ouverture
19.Ivan Van Sertima – Early America Revisited
20.Life among pygmies
21.Wonderful_Ethiopians -Drusilla Houston
22.The Truth About Black People And Their Place in world history
23.The Secret Relationship between Blacks and Jews
24.The origins of the Egyptians by Cheikh Anta Diop
25.The Slave Route
26.-Real-Istory-Anu-Migration-From-Mountain of the Moon to Kemet
27.Septimius-Severus-the-African-Emperor of Rome
29.Black Jews of South Africa.
30.Cultural Genocide-Yosef Ben Jochannan
31.Stolen Legacy-George G.M. Jackson
32..A T Bryant – Bantu Origins – People & Language
35.Westbrook-Talisman of United_States
36.The Secret History of America
37. The-Palaces-of-Crete-and-Their-Builders

Meso America

1.dresden codex
2.grolier_kerr codex
3.kings codex
6.sacred formulas of the cherokees
7. Fejéváry-Mayer codex
8 Magliabecchiano codex
9. Borbonicus Codex
10.Tonalamatl Aubin Codex
12.Bogia codex
14.American Indian Freemasonry
19.iroquoian cosmology
20. Ancient-Indian-Mathematics-and-Astronomy
21.Book of the Hopi
22. Jennings-the Indian Religions
23.Kroeber AL-Indian Myths of Southern California
24. Indian Mythology According to the Mahabharata

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